Ultimate Smile Dental participates in several insurance plans and is an out-of-network provider for many other plans offered by employers in the area. By working with these dental insurance plans, we offer you the freedom to experience affordable dental care.

Financial arrangements
Ultimate Smile Dental accepts payment per procedure. We accept cash, personal checks and major credit cards. If you elect to pay per procedure we will kindly ask for payment at the time of service.

We will gladly discuss any financial concerns you might have. We implement a "No Surprise" policy, which promises that you will be informed up front about the cost of your dental care. In order for us to do that, we may reserve a couple of minutes of your time just to go over the financial aspects of your treatment.

We are happy to discuss alternative financial arrangements, outside of those specified above. We will take into account any financial difficulties of our clients. You have our promise that we will work with you in any way to help you select the best financial option for you. Please, do not hesitate and ask Dr. Ricardo if you have any concerns.



About Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans are great. They help keep your out-of-pocket expenses low, but not in every case. Your employer may elect to provide your dental insurance plan for you through one of many insurance companies. Insurance providers offer different coverage levels ranging from "basic" to "advanced". The majority of dental insurances have a maximum yearly allowance, usually ranging from $500 - $1500 (or more); per year, per person.

Many dental insurance plans reward you for taking exceptional care of your teeth by paying 100% of preventative services fees, such as an exam once or twice a year, X-rays, fluoride application, and cleaning. The insurance company sets a maximum fee for such procedures and pays a percentage of this fee. If the insurance plan do not pay for the entire fee, and requires you to pay the remaining of it, we will gladly bill you for the applicable balance. You are responsible for the remaining amount. Feel free to pay your out of pocket balance at the time of service completion.

It is important to know what your yearly allowance is, the services covered, as well as the frequency. Ultimate Smile Dental can assist you keeping track of it for you since we submit your claim directly to your insurance company.

Your dental insurance plan determines which procedures and what percentages they cover. You will find that coverage ranges anywhere between 0% to 100%. In case the insurance company covers 0% of the procedure, they still set up (in many instances) the maximum fee allowed for such procedure to make sure that their customers are not asked to pay an unreasonable price for dental services.

If you have any additional questions, ask us directly or contact your human resources department or your dental insurance company.